Arts & Culture

Looking Beyond Academics…

It’s our firm belief at RCET, that to enhance the skills of our students, they must be provided with opportunities to explore their creativity.

Cultural programs are organized several times during the year to encourage creative pursuits and nurture talent. Students form teams and share responsibility in organizing the events.

Dhanak – The Cultural Fest

The annual two-day cultural extravaganza – Dhanak has a unique flavor and style that makes it a much expected event on RCET Campus. It’s a confluence of ideas, a perfect blend of the arts, the skills and the passion to perform.

Dance, light music, classical music, fashion show, literary debates, craft and lots of other events are organized and leading celebrities are invited to judge the events.

There’s competition and a spirit of camaraderie too as students from various streams come together to participate, compete and win prizes.

Burust-2016 – The RCET Talent Fest

Talent Fest happens once a year and it’s the perfect opportunity for all talented students from colleges and institutions under the RCET banner to participate in the competitions and showcase their creative talent.

Onam – Onam Celebrations

All Indian festivals are celebrated on campus with enthusiasm and vigor, by students from the respective states. Special lunch is organized in the canteen to give the students a taste of the region’s culinary tradition. Onam is one of the most popular celebration in Kerala.


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