*മനസ്സ് നന്നാവട്ടെ* Dear volunteers, Its a great day for us to celebrate on 24th september, every year as NSS day. We go back in history to understand the aim and working of nss. The nss was formed in 1969 with an aim to "inculcate the social welfare thoughts in the students, and to provide service to the society without any prejudice." *On the occasion of NSS day, nss unit of RCET* are ready to conduct a speech competetion regarding the topic given below. *Participants can send their 2 minute video to the whatsapp number provided below.* *Participants should sent on or before 25.09.2020 before 5 P.M . Cash prize will be provided. Result will be published through our official instagram account.* *TOPIC* - *Volunteering in your community* *Contact Details* Israth - 9633868114 Nidha - 9188182083 *ALL THE BEST*

*മനസ്സ് നന്നാവട്ടെ*