To mark the 150th birth anniversary of Mahathma Gandhi this year various programmes were organised by RCET NSS unit 143 on 2nd October,2019. He was a pioneer of truth and Non-Violence. Our country, which was flourished with full of harmony and loyalty, Completely pop off with corruption and anti social activities. Anticipating to convey the disharmony of our country, NSS Unit 143 conducted a *Street play* at Perumpilavu. Program commenced with addressing the present condition of India. The group performed on contemporary social issues which are casually ignored and not confronted by society as whole. It was meant to bring awareness to audience regarding the contemporary issues faced by farmers in India. The street play started with a very common signal and experience of every citizen in India. The play depicted daily life of common citizen who are non aware of the issues of society. The play was intertwined with very heart wrenching and ironic moments infused with entertainment and succeeded in sending our message across powerfully as every face in audience was drought with anxiety.