The department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering organised this activity under “ESCON”(EEE department association) on 04-08-2018. Circuit debugging was the event which showed the talent and skill of students in designing and debugging a circuit within a time bound. It was coordinated by Mr.Sanjith Mohan(AP,EEE) and Ms.Neethu K S(AP,EEE). Student coordinators were Mr. Vishnu and Mr Rahul from S5 EEE. It was conducted in 2 phases in order to eliminate and identify the winners. Overall 8 teams participated in the event and out of which 4 teams were selected to the second phase. In second phase each team was instructed to debug the error in the circuit provided. Mahshook and team from S7 EEE bagged the first prize and Gulsar and team from S7 EEE bagged the second prize. The event was very successful in improving the team spirit and circuit debugging skills of students.