On account of oldage day, Royal College of Engineering and Technology, Akkikkavu NSS unit 143 had a visit to Asraya oldage home situated in Akkikkavu. Volunteers of the unit took their footsteps towards the oldage home at 1:30 pm. About 28 volunteers had visited and conducted programs which gave great pleasure to the minds of the elderly people. The unit was successfull in uplifting their confidence by giving them immense love and care . They too made this time pleasant and special by singing songs and telling us stories, bringing up the bright in them forgetting those fade days. Volunteers also supported the heritage by satisfying some of their needs like food items. They also had celebrated the birthday of the manager of the oldage home. These joyous moments lasted to one and half hours leaving a sweet memory and hope in the hearts of all Special thanks to Ms.Sushaja TS/CSE for her dedicated support