"Helping other people can be a cure, not just for those who are in need but for your soul as well" On 31st December 2018, Alpha Paliative Care conducted "PUNARJANI KARUNYA SANGAMAM". Six of our volunteers attended the program. This program is arranged for differently abled people, to make it memorable and to bring real happiness and joy into their hearts. It is a great oppertunity to each volunteer by God as well as our Unit to know how blessed we are and to make someone smile by our little effort and work. Volunteers attended the program: 1.Naseeh Rahman- S5 ME 2.Sanju Thasneem- S5 ECE 3.Safee Rahman- S5 ME 4.Hanna- S3 CE 5.Ashik- S3 ECE 6.Arshad- S3 CE