Internal Complaints Committee


As per section 4 All India Council for Technical Education (Gender Sensitization, Prevention and Prohibition of sexual harassment of women employees and Students& redressal of grievances in Technical Institution) regulation, 2016, vide No.F.AICTE/WH/2016/01 dated 10th June 2016, All Technical Institutions are directed to prescribe detailed provision of redressal of grievances related to sexual harassments of women employees and students in Technical Institutions are instructed to constitute an Internal Complaints Committee(ICC) to tackle complaint of sexual harassments and also to take measures for gender sensitization.

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Procedure of making Complaints

    An aggrieved person is required to submit a written complaint to the ICC within 3 months from the date of incident and in case of a series of incidents within a period of 3 months from the date of last incidents.
    Provided that where such complaints cannot be made in writing, the presiding officer or any member of the committee shall render all reasonable assistance to the person for making the complaint in writing.
    Provided further that the ICC may, for the reasons to be accorded in the writing, extend the time limit not exceeding 3 months, if it is satisfied that the circumstances where such which prevented the persons from filing a complaint within the said period.
    Friends,relatives,collegues,co-students,pshycologist,or any other associates of the victims may file the complaints in situations where the aggrieved person is unable to make a complaint on account of physical or mental in capacity or death.

Internal Complaints Committee