Centre for Continuing Education (CCE)


Ms. Asheera L.

The Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) under RCET has been established to offer different certificate, diploma and add on courses for the students and others in view to widening their knowledge and skills and to make them eligible for competitive job market. The learning domain includes courses for non-traditional students, non-degree career training, workforce training and formal personal enrichment courses. The courses under CCE are making education relevant to real life situations and are also preventing the alienation of the educated from society.

The Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) is a premier Centre with academic status under the RCET. The Centre concentrates its activities on all the three dimensions of higher education viz., Teaching, Research and Extension. Currently, CCE is deeply involved in continuing education and regular courses. The Centre is dedicated entirely to the growth and development of technical education, industry, business and social improvement.



To provide a strong foundation on need based training programmes to enhance employability of students.


Activities of CCE :

    • RACE Programmes
    • Skill development through SDPK
    • IEDC activities


Course Title Duration Beneficiaries
Diploma in Mechanical Electricalplumbing(MEP) 150 Hrs 2015-19 ME
Certified Quality Controller(CQC) 606 Hrs 2015-19 ME
Post Graduate diploma in Industrial Automation 150 Hrs 2015-19 AEI
AutoCAD, Revit Architecture 150 Hrs 2015-19 CE
Full Stack Development 150 Hrs 2015-19 CSE
MEP Electrical System Design & Drafting 150 Hrs 2015-19 EEE
Data science and Machine learning using python 150 Hrs 2015-19 ECE
Core Java Programming 90 Hrs 2015-19 ECE
Red Hat Certified System Administrator 120 Hrs 2015-19 CSE,ECE
Search engine optimization and Digital Marketing 150 Hrs 2015-19 EEE,ECE