Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)


Right from inception, Royal College of Engineering and Technology has been imparting quality education comparable with peers, and producing experts in industry and society in the respective fields. Over and above ensuring quality under all parameters, with the purpose of getting the good works certified by a national level agency, RCET has set up an IQAC. Concerted efforts, of an expert team of the following faculty members, are on towards this goal and RCET is expecting a very positive outcome in this direction in this academic year itself.

NAAC Accredited SSR 2021

What is IQAC ?

IQAC, is a significant body of the institution, created with an intention to initiate , plan and supervise different activities for improving and maintaining the quality of education on a continuous basis . This includes the most effective application of knowledge acquired during the course , in the future interface of the student , with industry and society on an ongoing basis. IQAC monitors the process of teaching , learning and evaluation patterns of the institution. It takes the responsibility of generating and promoting awareness of teachers , students and supporting staff of the institution regarding multilevel quality sustenance programmes and other related activities . The purpose of IQAC is to organize and implement programmes towards academic and non academic excellence and further to aim and achieve global standard over a period of time by upgrading the processes from time to time as per the needs of industry and society.

Objectives of IQAC

  • Improving and maintaining quality oriented, ethical work culture in the institute.
  • Upgrading academic and administrational performances.
  • Develop and set quality benchmarks for various academic, administrational and financial activities of the institution for credible evaluation processes.
  • Organizing intra and inter institutional workshops, seminars, conferences, symposiums and research activities in coordination with various academic and awareness programmes of various bodies and the society at large.
  • To play as a nodal agency of the institute in coordinating various activities , including and disseminating best methods and practices for higher quality education.
  • Analyze and initiate steps for quality improvement, based on feedback , suggestions and recommendations from students, parents and other stake holders for improving quality oriented institution building processes.
  • Documentation of all the activities of the institution leading to quality improvement.

Benefits of IQAC

IQAC ensures –

  • High level of clarity, and focus on institutional maintenance and functions of the support structure, aiming quality improvement.
  • Learner centric quality education and continuous improvement.
  • Faculty expertise to adopt knowledge , technology and innovations for participatory teaching and learning processes.
  • Coordination among various activities of the institution.
  • A sound basis for the process of decision making to improve institutional functioning.
  • Development of an organized method of documentation and internal communication.
  • Preparation of ground for better opportunities for the students in their later part of career and personal life.

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IQAC Initiatives