In order to motivate and help academically weaker students, thereby improving their university examination results and make them compete with other professional government institutions, the academic council of RCET has decided to conduct remedial classes named as REAP. Respective coordinators are given overall responsibility for the conduction of classes.

Group tutors, Mentors and concerned faculty are responsible for identifying the students after every internal examination with recommendation of HoD. The basic criteria for identification of slow learners are

  • Students with a level of minimum pass marks.
  • Students who have failed in less than three subjects.
  • Student who feel less confidence in particular course or modules.

REAP is aimed to help students to deal with complex and analytical subjects more easily. Along with improvement of result REAP program builds an atmosphere to improve his/her positive attitude that offers them the opportunity to overcome the obstacles. The group study among students inculcates an attitude of sharing and helping between them. Pear pressure through group study brings a positive reinforcement among the students.Individual attention of students planned through REAP program can improve their self confidence along with academic excellence. Practicing continuous learning as a part of REAP program makes the students recognize that they can’t remain successful without learning process and utilizing the new developments, information and techniques. REAP has also brought a noticeable decrease in the percentage of dropouts from the college during each academic year from 2015.

Group tutors and Mentors interact with the parents to convince them about the aim and necessity of the program. REAP classes are conducted during 4:10 PM to 6:30 PM after regular working hours .Transport facilities are provided for the students. During Examination time Saturdays and Sundays were completely utilized for REAP and Hostel facilities are also provided for requested students.