Dr. Shanavas S

Dr. Shanavas S

Professor & Head of the Department, Dean R&D

Dr.Shanavas S

Professor & Head of the Department, Dean R&D

Dr Shanavas S is presently working as Professor & HoD at Mechanical Engineering Department of Royal College of Engineering & Technology, Thrissur. He has over 16 years of teaching experience and a year industry experience. He handled the role of HoD, and principal at various institutions. He started his teaching career as Lecturer in Department of Mechanical Engineering, MES College of Engineering, Malappuram. He is a Fellow member of Institutions of Engineers India. He is a Chartered Engineer designated by Institutions of Engineers India and National Governing Council (NGC) member of Indian Welding Society. He authored a book titled “Introduction to Marketing Management for Engineers”. He Contributed many research articles in refereed international journals and conferences. He serves as reviewer for many scientific international refereed journals (25 Nos.) indexed in web of science. More than 70 articles were reviewed till date. He has invited as resource person for many technical talks. He was a Gold Medalist in Masters for holding University Rank. Besides, he has Professional affiliations with the following bodies:
❖ Institution of Engineers India
❖ Indian Society for Technical Education
❖ Energy Conservation Society
❖ Tribology Society of India
❖ Indian Welding Society


  • PhD - Mechanical Engineering (Underwater welding)/ NICHE
  • ME - Engineering Design/ Anna University, Chennai


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