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    Central Library is fully automized and books are fully classified according to the Dewey Decimal Classification scheme. OPAC(ONLINE PUBLIC ACCESS CATALOGUE)with the help of automized Software user can search availability of a particular Book and the status of their account.


    “To continuously grow as a Resourceful, Outstanding, Youthful, Adaptive Institution in the field of Engineering and Technology habituating Lifelong learning”.


    “To groom the youth into eminent technocrats- with lifelong learning skills to meet future requirements, deep sense of social responsibility, strong ethical values and a global outlook, to face the challenges of the changing world”.

    About RCET Central Library

    Royal has a very good library spread over 4966 sq.ft, with more than 27,800 text books includes both foreign and local authors. 54 latest National and International journals , 859 e – journals of Delnet.More than 125 back volumes of reputed journals including IEEE Journals and Transactions with space earmarked for reference books. Technical Magazines with back Volumes, News papers and University old question papers are available in the Library.For convenient refference of Faculty Staff, More than 3000 books have been issued to Depatment Library.To improve students knowledge we are keeping different types of books like Gatebooks,GeneralBooks,Personalitydevelopment Books,Communication skills and quantitative books. Books are fully classified as per Dewey decimal classification scheme for easy access. The library is fully automated using LIBSOFT software .OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) helps in searching availability of books and details of transactions of students in library. 10 Systems are using for searching E Journals and 100 seats are arranged for reading in Library. Browsing and printing facilities, are provided in the library. Photocopying facility is available in the library .Use of library is normally restricted to its members only.Others have to produce written permission from The Principal to use the library facilities.

    Working Hours:
    8:30 am -6:00 pm (Monday –Friday, all Saturdays except 2th and 4th Saturdays)

  • Library Info

    Library Layout
    Library Book Shelf Order
    Library Statistics

    Central library

    TITLES 6682
    JOURNALS 117
    E-journal Subscription 859
    IEEE E Journal 145

    Contact Us

    Mr. Sudev K


    B.A, MLiSc (Calicut University)

    E-mail : sudevk@royalcet.ac.in

    Phone:+91(4885) 289009, 271121, 271122

  • Collections of RCET Central Library

    Titles & References @ RCET Central Library

    Branch Titles Reference Books Total Books
    AE&IE 671 232 2489
    ASH 1667 456 4155
    CE 1033 396 3549
    CSE 1534 574 5511
    EEE 449 87 1857
    EC 1444 574 6081
    ME 647 266 3558
    MTECH-CSE 84 34 233
    MTECH-EC 112 67 365

    News Papers

    CD/DVD Collection

  • Rules of RCET Central Library

    Code of Conduct

    1. All the staff members and students are the members of library.The users are required to maintain silence in the Library and instructed to follow the library rules and regulations.
    2. Students should enter in the library with proper uniform and properly displayed ID card.
    3. Group discussions, Combined studies, etc are prohibited inside the Library
    4. Use mobile phone is strictly prohibited inside the Library
    5. Books and other personal belongings (Records, Laptop, Printed material..etc) should not be taken in to the Library. Adequate storage facility is provided at the entrance.Only one notebook is allowed to take inside ,if required for the purpuse of taking notes
    6. Students should produce their ID card for issuing books. It is not transferable
    7. Stealing or damaging the property of library or misbehavior with library staff shall be considered as an act of indiscipline
    8. In the case of the loss of ID card, matter should immediately be reported to the authority. New ID card will be issued on paying fine
    9. Members can take books for reference after entering in the register which is kept on reference desk .While leaving the library, books taken for reference should be kept on the reference desk
    10. Library users are strictly prohibited from taking the borrowed and stamped books again inside the library
    11. The Librarian reserves the right to recall any book issued from the borrower even prior to the due date of return if necessary
    12. All the books should be returned on or before the date stamped on the date label. Absence from the college will not be an excuse for not returning the book on time
    13. The book has to be produced in the library for renewal only one time and it will not be allowed five days after the due date.
    14. If the book issued to a member is lost ,the member should replace two fresh copies of the same book with fine
    15. If a member damages or disfigures a book or periodical, he/she will have to replace two copies of it with fine
    16. Reference books, Journals, Newspapers and Magazines should not be taken out.
    17. The Library timing and details of fine structure are displayed on the library notice board.
    18. The number of books that can be borrowed for member and loan period is as follows
    19. Category No of books Loan period
      1st Year 5 20 Days
      2nd & 3rd Year 7 20 Days
      4th Year 8 20 Days
      M.Tech 8 20 Days
      Faculty 6 180 Days
      Technical Staff 2 180 Days
      Staff 3 30 Days
    20. If due date of return of a book falls on a public holiday/vacation, students can return the book on the next working day without fine.Date of return of the book will be noted in the slip which is sticked in the book
    21. Library staff is here to serve you. so do come forward and do not hesitate to ask for any information/material you need

    Services of RCET Central Library

    Digital Library/E resourse
    Excellent collection of E Journals, E book ,Previous year question papers,Study materials are available in digital Library. Internet facility is open for all students in the institution. Students are adviced to use the facility only for their academic support.
    Reprography Services
    Photo copy and printing service is arranged in refference section of library

  • Library Announcements

    Book Scheme

    List of available books will be displayed on the Notice board of library.
    Students can borrow books from library for 20 days ,On the due date students can renew the books by producing the same to the librarian .If renewed he/she can keep the book for another 20days (one time only)